Here’s the Safe way to Store and Handle your Dog’s Food

handling dog food

Morristown, TN As people, we can usually trace a stomach bug back to a recent meal that just so happened to be contaminated. However, for your dog, that may not be the case. It is uncommon for pet food to become contaminated at the factory but more so after the food is in the consumer’s home. The Centers for Disease … Read More

Training, does your Dog need a do Over?

dog training do over

Morristown, TN Providing the proper training for your dog will help your pooch be a good canine citizen, but sometimes you might need to change your methods or give your dog a do-over to ensure proper behavior. Here are a few tips to help in your next training session with your dog: Keep it simple:¬†Anytime you are embarking on new … Read More

Dog Dental Care, the Ins and Outs

dog dental care

Morristown, TN Dental care for your dog should be a top priority. After all, their dental care contributes to the longevity of the life and their health. Allowing bacteria to form on your dog’s teeth increases his or her risk of developing issues with the kidneys, heart, and lungs. For younger dogs, you can have them put to sleep to … Read More

Correcting bad Behavior, is your dog a Lunger?

correcting bad behavior

Morristown, TN Taking your dog for a walk or to socialize with other dogs should be an enjoyable experience for you both but for some dog owners, it is not. A dog that lunges can flat wear you out, and scare other dogs and even people. Here are some ways to help correct this behavior in your dog. Dogs tend … Read More

Common Misconceptions about Adopting a Shelter Dog

misconceptions about adopting shelter dogs

Morristown, TN Thinking of adding a new addition (the four-legged kind) to your family? When people consider getting a new dog, they often assume that getting a puppy will be easier and safer than adopting a shelter dog. That certainly is not always the case! Here are common misconceptions about adopting a shelter dog. Shelter dogs were given up because … Read More