12 Days of Christmas–Dog Safety Series

12 dogs of christmas

Morristown, TN The Christmas season is upon us, which means decorations, special plants that are a hallmark of this time of year, lots and lots of food, and more! While Christmas generally means time spent with family and friends, your four-legged pet will be right there by your side through it all, which is why Morristown’s doggie daycare, AllDogs Canine … Read More

Keep your Dog Safe this Thanksgiving

keep dog safe this thanksgiving

Morristown, TN When Thanksgiving arrives, many of us gather with friends and family for a holiday feast. However, if you are a pet owner, nothing can ruin the fun like a trip to the emergency vet. Make sure your dog stays safe this Thanksgiving by following these tips, as compiled by AllDogs Canine Care Center. Recognize and prevent exposing your … Read More

Halloween Safety Tips for your Dog

dog halloween safey tips

Morristown, TN On Halloween night, most of us love to be spooked, but you want to avoid a scary situation for your dog. Your compassionate pet professionals at AllDogs Canine Care Center want to suggest taking these precautions to keep your dog safe this Halloween. Keep all candy accounted for: Chocolate in any form is dangerous and potentially deadly for … Read More

Choosing a Dog Boarding Facility in Morristown

choosing a boarding facility

Morristown, TN Are you leaving town and need someone to take care of your dog? Are you visiting the Jefferson City and Morristown area in east Tennessee but have activities planned that are not pet-friendly? Do you need someone to watch your four-legged friend while you are at work? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then … Read More

What to do if you see a Dog Left in a Hot Car

Morristown, TN School is almost in session, but we are still experiencing the heat of the summer. For East Tennessee residents, we know all too well that these soaring temperatures will linger for another month or two. Your canine care center of Morristown wants you to know what you should do if you see a dog left in a hot … Read More

Tear Stains what causes it and how to Deal

tear staining

Morristown, TN A common question among dog owners is, “what causes tear stains around my dog’s eyes, and how can I get rid of it?” Tear staining is sometimes acute, which means it will not last long and will go away, but can also be chronic, which requires veterinarian care. Here is what you need to know about tear stains. … Read More

Make Exercising with your Dog a Fun Activity

make exercising with dog fun

Morristown, TN Exercise does not have to be a drag for you and your dog. There are fun activities you can do to improve your health, as well as your dog’s. This summer, get outside and enjoy these fun activities with your dog, and enjoy some sunshine together! AllDogs of Morristown has provided you with some great outdoor activities that … Read More

Essential Tips to keep your Dog Safe this Summer

keep dog safe this summer

Morristown, TN During the summer, most of the country experiences record highs, and if you live in a humid climate, the dangers become even more severe. Not only should you find ways to stay hydrated and cool, but don’t forget about your dog too! Here are some tips to help keep your dog comfortable during the summer heat. Exercise early … Read More

Safe way to Store & Handle your Dog’s Food

handling dog food

Morristown, TN As people, we can usually trace a stomach bug back to a recent meal that just so happened to be contaminated. However, for your dog, that may not be the case. It is uncommon for pet food to become contaminated at the factory but more so after the food is in the consumer’s home. The Centers for Disease … Read More

Training, does your Dog need a do Over?

dog training do over

Morristown, TN Providing the proper training for your dog will help your pooch be a good canine citizen, but sometimes you might need to change your methods or give your dog a do-over to ensure proper behavior. Here are a few tips to help in your next training session with your dog: Keep it simple: Anytime you are embarking on new … Read More