4 Reasons your Dog will Love Doggie Daycare

doggie daycare

Morristown, TN For most people, our pets are a central part of our life. From rubbing your dog’s belly to scratching them behind the ears, they can be a great comfort to us as much as we are to them. However, when life gets busy, sometimes our pals are left at home with little interaction, which can lead to a … Read More

5 must-haves for a Great Dog Boarding Facility

dog boarding facility

Morristown, TN Even the most indulgent pet parent is going to have to go out of town sooner or later, whether it be for work, family reasons, or a vacation. If they can’t find a sitter, that’s when pet owners search for a local dog boarding facility in Jefferson City and Morristown. We understand you only want the best for … Read More

4 Things to look for in a Doggy Daycare

look for in a dog daycare

Morristown, TN Whether headed out of town for a trip or just looking for a way for their beloved family pet to stay entertained while at work, pet parents rely on doggy daycare facilities to provide comfort and entertainment, so their four-legged friends don’t have to stay at home alone. You may be busy at work or your kids are … Read More

4 Tips to Calm a Hyper Dog

calm hyper dog

Morristown, TN Are you having problems with an overly excited dog? We hate to break it to you, but if your dog is often hyperactive, that means he or she probably isn’t getting enough stimulation. In short, your dog is bored. AllDogs Canine Care Center wants to help. Here are some tips you can use at home to calm down … Read More

3 Reasons to Board your Dog for the Holidays

board dogs for the holiday

Morristown, TN The holidays can be an exciting yet busy time of year for everyone. With a hectic schedule filled with holiday concerts, parties, and shopping, the hustle and bustle can interfere with the proper care for a pet. Also, the holiday festivities and excitement may be too much to handle for your furry friend, or maybe you are going … Read More

4 Tips to keep your Dog’s Weight in Check

keep dogs weight in check

Morristown, TN You probably know about the dangers of being overweight and obese. You hear it from your doctor, read about it, and see commercials advertising all types of weight-loss products. The obesity epidemic in the United States isn’t just restricted to people, though. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 56 percent of all dogs in America were … Read More

5 Tips to get a Dog to Trust You

get dog to trust you

Morristown, TN We’ve all probably encountered a dog that seemed fearful or even ran away when trying to pet it. Maybe you have adopted a rescue dog that seemed to be disengaged and scared of interacting with you or others. This typically stems from the dog not trusting you or others that come near it. Today, AllDogs Canine Care Center, … Read More

Reasons why you should Microchip your Dog

reasons to microchip dog

Morristown, TN Drive around almost any neighborhood, and you will see those infamous signs posted mentioning a lost dog, and sometimes offering a reward. If you haven’t seen those signs, then you have probably heard stories of families that had their beloved dog go missing. If this has ever happened to you, you probably contacted all of the shelters in … Read More

Tips on Crate Training your Dog

crate training dog

Morristown, TN Let’s start off by saying that crating has to do with a dog’s natural instinct as a den animal. For a wild dog, their den is their home, it’s their safe place, where they take refuge, eat, and sleep. While crating your dog can be beneficial in certain situations, we also want to point out that no dog … Read More

Tips for Handling an Aggressive Dog

handling aggressive dog

Morristown, TN Some dogs look aggressive but wouldn’t hurt a dandelion. Other dogs look very peaceful and sweet but can become very aggressive without warning. Most of the time, an aggressive dog wasn’t born that way. Aggressive behavior in a dog comes about because the dog is responding to situations using his instincts, and from not having proper training. Most … Read More