Make Exercising with your Dog a Fun Activity

make exercising with dog fun

make exercising with dog funMorristown, TN

Exercise does not have to be a drag for you and your dog. There are fun activities you can do to improve your health, as well as your dog’s. This summer, get outside and enjoy these fun activities with your dog, and enjoy some sunshine together! AllDogs of Morristown has provided you with some great outdoor activities that you and your dog can both enjoy.


If you are a runner, take your dog along with you. If your dog is not used to running regularly, it may take some time to build up their momentum. Take it slow at first, and go on short jogs until your dog can keep up a healthy pace with you. Be sure to provide plenty of water for your dog, and yourself, and try to go jogging in the morning or late evening when it is a bit cooler, and the pavement is not too hot for your doggie’s paws. If you aren’t a jogger, you could always walk at your own pace.


Don’t like the heat? Beat the heat by going swimming! Yes, even dogs enjoy the cool, refreshing water. If you do not have your own pool or a dog-friendly one that you can visit, instead purchase a small kiddie pool big enough your dog. You could even turn on the sprinkler so that you and your dog can cool off during the dog days of summer, pun intended!

Bike Riding

If your dog is small enough, bring them along with you on a bike ride by letting them sit in a basket that is safely secured to your bike’s handlebars. This may not be an activity that safe for every pet owner and dog. If your dog is too big or does not sit still, consider another activity that will be safe for you both. Also, be mindful of the terrain that you ride on, and try to avoid riding your bike around traffic.


For a dog, there is nothing as good as a game of fetch. Using an old tennis ball or chew toy, this back and forth game never gets old to a dog. This activity is especially ideal for people who are unable to jog with their dog. Fetch allows your dog to work out their energy, and get a good workout by running around.


This simple form of activity is ideal for both owner and dog. You can choose a pace that suits you both. Again, be mindful of the temperatures outside, and avoid going on walks during the heat of the day. Be sure that you provide your dog with enough cool water to keep them hydrated, and don’t forget about yourself! Depending on how long you will be out, you may need to bring some water for you both.

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