Tips on keeping your Dog Calm during July 4th Fireworks

keep dogs calm

keep dogs calmMorristown, TN

No matter where you live in the United States, fireworks are a Fourth and July tradition. One of the high points of your Independence Day celebration can be a very stressful experience for your dog. The Fourth of July is one of the most notorious days in the entire calendar year for runaway dogs. AllDogs Canine Care Center wants all the members of your family, including your four-legged ones, to have a good Independence Day holiday. With that in mind, we put together this list of tips to follow for July 4th.

Plan ahead

If fireworks are part of your Independence Day plans, then make preparations. When the fireworks are about to start, be sure to take your dog indoors or to a friend’s house to remove them from the potentially upsetting sights and sounds. Booking your pup for a holiday stay at a quality canine boarding facility in Morristown also may be a good idea.

Wear them out

Your dog loves playtime, so indulge them on Independence Day. Go for a long walk or run or play their favorite game. Whatever method you choose, your dog will be exhausted—in a good way—and ready to relax by the time the fireworks begin. And if your dog is in a relaxed state, there’s a reduced chance the fireworks will cause agitation. If you’ve got plans all day long, a trip to our Morristown doggie play camp can be a great choice. AllDogs offers play care—which is one-on-one with your dog and a member of our staff—or play camp, which is ideal for more social dogs.

Create a safe space

Before the fireworks start shooting off, prepare at home. When dogs feel frightened, they seek an enclosed space for protection. Create a space like this in your home or a room of your home. Add some creature comforts like their dog bed and favorite toy, and make sure your dog will be able to access food and water. If this room has windows, close them and any curtains to help dampen the sounds of the fireworks.

Remember to stay calm

Dogs are pack animals, and, to your pet, you are the pack leader. If you stay relaxed during the fireworks, your dog will feed off your mood and have a better chance of staying calm. If you are tense or constantly checking on your dog, your anxiety may only add to their agitation.

Dog Boarding in Jefferson City and Morristown

Sometimes you want to enjoy holidays without worrying about the four-legged family member. Consider removing your pooch entirely from the potential stress of fireworks on Independence Day and board your dog with AllDogs. Our kennels are structured to give each dog a private space, minimizing their own anxiety during their stay. Plus, unlike other pet care facilities, we have a trained technician on-site 24/7, including holidays. Call us at (865) 475-2225 or contact us online for availability.

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