Connecting to PupCams at AllDogs INC

1. Mobile devices proceed to step 9. Open Firefox or Chrome or Safari (Mac) or Internet

Explorer Web Browser. (Not compatible with Internet Explorer 9, Download Firefox or Chrome)

2. Type the following address pertaining to your suite into the Address Box. E-1 Presidential B-1 Presidential D-5, D-6 & D-7 Junior A-5, A-6, & A-7 Junior E-5 Executive B-5 Executive A-1 & A-2 Junior D-1 & D-2 Junior B-8 & B-9 Executive E-8 & E-9 Executive A-8 & A-9 Junior A-11 & A-12 Junior B-3 & B-4 Executive E-3 & E-4 Executive D-11 & D-12 Junior D-8 & D-9 Junior

3. Click Go or press Enter on the keyboard. The following screen should be displayed:

4. If you are using Internet Explorer, in the section labeled Active X Mode, enter “clients” as the username and “alldogs2” as the password and click Login. (Do not enter the quotation marks) If this is your first time to this site follow the instructions on screen to install the Active X component that allows you to see the Live Video. It will require a second login just this one time. You will be taken directly to the Live Video screen.

5. If you are using Firefox, Chrome or Safari, in the section labeled Server Push Mode, click the

Login button. You will see a login prompt box like below:

Enter “clients” as the username and “alldogs2” as the password and click OK. You will be prompted to save the username and password. On the menu on the left side click Live Video.

6. You should now see the PupCam.

7. If you have any problems you can call Access Technology Group, Inc. at 423-317-7774 from 6 AM- 6 PM EST. If you have any problems after 6 PM it will be the next morning before

we will be able to assist you with technical questions. AllDogs after hours cell phone number is 865-202-8267.

8. If you are using a mobile device like iPad/iPhone, Android Pad or Android Phone you will need to install an APP from either your iPhone store or Google Play. The app is called IP CAM VIEWER PRO (the free app IP CAM VIEWER will do if available) from NibblesnBits written by Robert Chou. Once installed, open the app and navigate to Manage Cameras

• Press the + (plus) to add a camera

• Choose IP Camera, DVR, NVR

• Enter AllDogsxxxx (Replace x’s with last four numbers in your camera address–ie 1201)


• Choose Make as Foscam


• Choose Model as FI8910W
Except on Camera Number 1204-Suite A-5, A-6 & A-7
and Camera Number 1201, 1204, 1205, 1207, 1214, & 1216 Choose Model F19821

• Enter IP as


• Enter Port number (last four digits in your camera address-ie 1201, 1202, etc)


• Enter User as clients


• Enter password as alldogs2


• Press the Test button, you should receive a message saying “Successfully retrieved image from camera”

• If previous step is successful, Press the Save button. If not successful check you settings

*Note: Lights will be out as of 10:00 p.m. in kennel corridors unless kennels are being cleaned.