Dog Training

Your decision to help train your dog is a real commitment, but the results you’ll start to see will more than justify the hours you spend to make it happen. By the time you and your dog have completed a training program, you’ll be amazed at the difference you see in your pet. You’ll have a happy and obedient dog that remains calm, focused, and well-behaved in a wide variety of settings and circumstances.



April 9th - April 30th

May 14th - June 4th


Basic Obedience at 6:00 pm

4 weeks long, one hour long

Cost is $100.00

These classes are at AllDogs, Vaccine & Age requirements must be met

After many years of training I decided to step back to focus on AllDogs and its growth. While I love training the time that is required was just too much for me to do while running and operating AllDogs. The love for rescue and training is what got me started in AllDogs to begin with, so with that said, finding a trainer that met mine and AllDogs expectations was much easier said than done. Trent Steele and I have been friends for many years; we met when he adopted his first Weimaraner from me at AllDogs. Trent is a natural with dogs and is an exceptional trainer. When he came to me that he was ready to purchase a franchise and dedicate his life and career to dog training, I knew I had found the right trainer for AllDogs. I was so excited for both him and me. Trent’s ability and talent is evident in his work. I have worked with several trainers thru the years and never trusted anyone like I do Trent. AllDogs and myself, fully endorse Trent Steele and The UpBeat K-9 for all of our training needs here at AllDogs Canine Care Center.


To learn more about the training available through AllDogs contact us or Trent Steele directly at (865) 437-6377