Tips to Housetrain your Adult Dog

housetrain your adult dog

housetrain your adult dogMorristown, TN

Hear the word housetrain, and you probably would think of a puppy, not an adult dog. However, many dog parents end up with an adult dog that isn’t housetrained. Maybe you have an adopted or rescue dog that never was taught this important rule. If this is the case in your home, then you have come to the right place! Dog trainers in Jefferson City at AllDogs Canine Care Center want you to know these tips on housetraining your adult dog.

First, be sure that your dog does not have a medical condition that would impact his or her ability to hold their urine for an extended amount of time, and rule out that urinating indoors is not an act of disobedience or a behavioral issue. If you discover that your dog may have one of these issues, speak with your veterinarian for tips. Otherwise, keep reading!

Consistency is key

Stick to feeding your dog at the same time every day. Avoid leaving food in their food bowl throughout the day. Instead, remove their bowl once mealtime is over.

Schedule elimination times

Even fully housetrained dogs should be allowed access to go to the bathroom at least four times a day. Also, walk your dog to the same area each time you want him or her to go. Smelling their own scent will encourage them to eliminate.

Use rewards

When your dog goes to the bathroom outside, praise him or her and give a reward. Dogs usually love treats, but also love and affection.

What to do if you catch your dog going to the bathroom inside

If you catch your dog going to the bathroom indoors, clap your hands loudly in efforts of startling them. Only do this if you actually catch them in the act, not 10 minutes later or when you return home after work in the evening. The goal is to startle them during the act, not scare them. Avoid yelling, because this only teaches your dog to become afraid of you. Also, remember that dogs can only make the connection between their misbehavior and correction if it takes place at the same time. A few minutes or hours later does absolutely no good.

Keep a close eye

Most dogs will exhibit a noticeable behavior right before they need to go. For instance, they may rush to the door and bark, or paw at the door to get your attention. So, keep a close eye out for such signals. If you aren’t able to keep a close eye on them for a period of time such as when you’re taking a shower or doing chores around the house, you may need to crate your dog until you can focus on him or her again. Most dogs simply will not go to the bathroom in their crate.

We hope these tips are helpful in training your dog. If you would like more information or to learn about our dog training services in Jefferson City, please contact AllDogs Canine Care Center by calling (865) 475-2225 or visit our facility at 939 East Old Andrew Johnson Highway in Jefferson City, Tennessee and see for yourself the kind of care we provide for our clients.

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